Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pure Michigan

Michigan's previous governor, Jennifer Grandholm, wanted to boost tourism. She created a promotional campaign called "Pure Michigan."  There were commercials, (often parodied), road signs, brochures, and other advertising materials to get the word out. It's had a positive impact over the last 7 years or so: $1B in economic impact, and 3.2M out of state visitors, allegedly.

This shot is a pretty cheesy example of what Michigan has to offer (Taken at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore). Taken with my EOS t3i and kit lens. It's a very common scene near Traverse City.

I've lived in Michigan for my entire life. Like any place we have our ups and downs. (5 months of cold grey skies? Go home winter, you're drunk.) It's taken 30 years, but I've finally fallen in love with my state. I mean anyone can head to Austin, Texas, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, or DC and fall in love. That's like "love at first sight" with a Victoria secret model. duh. But to fall in love with a decidedly mediocre girl like Michigan, she must have a really good personality. Or do some crazy shit in bed.

Spend a weekend camping in the UP (what we call the upper peninsula) and then tell me a better place for summer camping (Canada doesn't count).  Spend a warm summer night on a pontoon boat, or a sunny fall visit to the apple orchard (does anyone else do this?). Spend a Saturday tailgating a Lions game, and then tell me about passion. OK, not that one.

I love this mediocre girl, with a passion.

Are there people out there who still don't get Michigan? People that love it like me?