Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Coolest Place You've Probably Never Heard Of

Casselman Bridge

The Casselman Bridge (a U.S. National Historic Landmark) was completed in 1811. The high stone arch was to allow riverboats to pass underneath. Not many riverboats passed beneath it due to changes in riverboat traffic, and the slow phase in of rail roads.
For me, the most interesting part of the bridge was how it showcased the progression of travel in the US.

First you have the Casselman Bridge (mainly built for foot and carriage traffic, but also to allow riverboat traffic underneath). Second, a few hundred feet up the river, is a large rail road bridge. And finally just a few more feet up the river a modern interstate overpass. Our transportation in the US has changed quite a bit over the last 200 years (but the river hasn't)!

To the East of the bridge (a short walk) is Spruce Forest Artisan Village. This village is a collection of historic buildings brought to this site and houses a variety of artists. I found an amazing soap maker who owned a beautiful Maserati Coupe.
Further East is the Penn Alps, a historic building (and restaurant with gift shop) that dates back to 1818, and a grist mill.

This area is a gem and is recommended stop for anyone visiting near North Western Maryland.

This picture was taken by me in 2013.