Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't Look Back, Gaining New Perspectives Moves Us Forward

Taken in one of the most surreal places I've been to: Badlands National Park in South Dakota, US.

When you are surrounded by ancient rocks, mountains, and rivers it can give us perspective. That is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling, the perspective. When we put ourselves in a new environment it forces our brains to break out of habits and think differently even if we don't like it! It is these new unique perspectives that help us move forward in life and get out of our mental ruts. One of the ruts that has always held me back is the fear of failure. A fear that the risks I take will never be worth it. With new perspectives it finally clicked for me: the consequences of my failures are so minor in the big picture, it can hardly even be considered a failure. On this massive planet, with all these stars, and all this time, if a business I create fails doesn't anyone even give a shit?

Everyone has their own trigger for reducing the fears of failure, the fear of risk. Mine was realizing how little failure really matters in the end. For others it may be realizing that failure is step on the path to success. For even others it may be a ridiculous over confidence that even wipes the word failure from our vocabulary. Whatever it is each person needs to find their own ah-ha moment. And new perspectives is what gives us that chance.

Keep trying new perspectives!