Monday, November 16, 2015

Perspective of Isle Royale National Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Isle Royale National Park is set on a series of islands off the coast of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I was able to take this picture while leaving the island via seaplane this past Summer. I only had time for a day hike around the island, many visitors spend days on the island exploring its coastline and forests. The  islands in this photo are some of the smaller ones. I spent around 4 hours hiking and really saw only a sliver of the island. 

I really like this shot, mostly because gives so much unique perspective. Notice how the waves shift direction around the islands? What about green areas just under the surface that aren't exposed (yet)? or even the vastness of Lake Superior?

I've taken a lot of other shots of our Michigan lakes and started a Google+ Collection check it out and follow!