Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How the Most Awesome Social Network is Getting Way More Powerful

Awesome Google+ Changes today

Hangouts:(Allegedly released today so keep an eye out)

  • SMS Integration
  • Animated gifs support
  • Location sharing (Finally)

And Google+ Photos

  • Auto editing of videos (this is the future here)
  • Highlights getting even more advanced 
  • new snapseed filter for HRD
  • More AutoAwesome: eraser and motion
  • Nik Collection upgrades

The Wave of the Future: Doing Less Stuff

It seems the focus on letting the computers handle the storing, editing, and sharing of photos and videos. This let's us humans do the fun part of living life! We spend too much time managing pictures and other boring jobs.  This kind of automation is definitely the future. Google is leading the charge with impressive algorithms and central storage. This is just the tip of he iceberg of capability.

The biggest update looks to be the auto-editing of videos. Video clips, pictures, and music will all be synced together to make an edited video. I haven't taken a lot of videos, but I will soon and try and get a feeling for these new features. The demo was impressive, but they always are.

Personally I've used many of the existing Google+ features. I've found highlights and editing to be really powerful, as is image searching. If you have 500 images uploaded it will highlight the best ones based on image composition, well known landmarks, and even how close you are to the people in the shot. You can even search your photos for things like "sunset" or "snow" and related images will pop up. Even specifics like "Tom at the beach" will bring up pictures of you're circled friend Tom at the beach. Pretty powerful stuff.

PS. Above shot was taken near Traverse City with a Canon t3i, edited heavily in Google+ using drama filter (basically HDR-esque) to show off filter capability. Google considered it a 'highlight' photo!