Monday, October 21, 2013

Understand your Circle of Control to Avoid Talking to Ducks

I don't usually use black and white much. Personal preference, but to be honest this image didn't have a lot of great colors to start with (besides the rich green of the duck's head and neck). So I experimented a bit. 
Rebel T3i, 1/200, f/5.6. Not shot in black and white, but edited within Google+. Taken in Heritage Park Farmington Hills, MI

Interestingly I sat around and took about 30 shots of this duck and didn't like any of them. I decided to move on through the park hoping to catch a bluebird or something more interesting. As I completed the hiking loop, this little guy was still there about an hour later. I slipped in from a different perspective, and took the above shot.

I'm sure there is some symbolism there about over thinking things here somewhere. That would make this all flow much too well. I prefer things to feel a bit more awkward.
I think photography (and life) is teaching me a lot about what I can and cannot control. Especially with animal and nature photography. We all have our circles of control and influence. We also have a big (no, massive) circle of shit we have no control or influence over at all. Sometimes that damn duck just doesn't do what you want it to. 

I can control what I eat, and when I exercise.
 I cannot control other people's actions. 
I can influence (a little) how this little duck reacts. Maybe offer him so food so he came a bit closer. Or find a chick duck to lure him over with a sexy duck pose. I'm not sure how that works 

These circles are constantly changing as we change through our lives. Ignoring that "circle of shit I cannot influence or control" isn't easy. Ignoring the weather, politics (I'm not an elected official), and news has really freed my brain up. Hell, ignore it all, that seems to be the trend anyways! Just remember (I'm telling myself this) the duck isn't going to listen to you, so stop talking to him!